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Why Should I Join the
Alaskan Independence Party?


Here are a few reasons why...

Why Should I Join the
Alaskan Independence Party?

The Alaskan Independence Party supports...

* The only recognized Party in Alaska which supports a Full traditional PFD.

* The rights of all citizens of Alaska to be sovereign including our native         citizens and their aboriginal rights.

* Protection of the unborn as a state issue. Absolutely no public funding of abortion.

* Supports medical liberty for all. We believe that the patient / provider relationship is sacred regardless of federal mandates or modern political agendas. 

* The AIP is the only recognized political Party in Alaska which is steadfast in opposition to the "Binding Caucus" as this concentrates financial power to a select few and undermines constituents in districts across Alaska to have representation which reflects their values.

* We support the calling of a Constitutional Convention and support amendments for the direct election of the Attorney General and all judges and magistrates. 


Register here online to change your political registration here to Alaskan Independence Party

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