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Annual Meeting


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Why Should I Join the
Alaskan Independence Party?

Why Should I Join the
Alaskan Independence Party?

Here are a few reasons why...

The Alaskan Independence Party supports...

* The only recognized Party in Alaska which supports a Full traditional PFD.

* The rights of all citizens of Alaska to be sovereign including our native         citizens and their aboriginal rights.

* Protection of the unborn as a state issue. Absolutely no public funding of abortion.

* Supports medical liberty for all. We believe that the patient / provider relationship is sacred regardless of federal mandates or modern political agendas. 

* The AIP is the only recognized political Party in Alaska which is steadfast in opposition to the "Binding Caucus" as this concentrates financial power to a select few and undermines constituents in districts across Alaska to have representation which reflects their values.

* We support the calling of a Constitutional Convention and support amendments for the direct election of the Attorney General and all judges and magistrates. 


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