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Listen to the experts explain why Carbon
Credits and Carbon Sequestration is not good

The Talk Of Kenai

On February 5th The Alaskan Independence Party convened a board meeting to listen to experts regarding carbon credits and carbon sequestration which is being promoted by Governor Dunleavy. He has submitted 4 bills to the legislature, 

HB 49

HB 50

SB 48

SB 49

After extensive conversations, the AIP voted unanimously to oppose this legislation on the basis that it sets up external global regulatory agencies to govern and control the rights of Alaska as a sovereign state. 

We are particularly concerned with the Environmental / Social / Governance ( ESG) guidelines which would pervade our entire existence with carbon credit taxation. We see this as a direct assault through taxation of any fossil fuel technology. 

President Biden, in his recent State of the State address, stated that America would wean themselves of fossil fuels in 10 years!

Governor Dunleavy is attempting to set the State of Alaska up as a champion of these global policies and regulations. He promotes the program as a financial benefit to our general budget but it is actually relinquishing control of our state to global regulations in an assault on the fossil fuel industry. 
Alaska is a carbon heavy state. We rely on the oil industry for a substantial amount of our budget, and individual Alaskans have a substantial carbon footprint as we utilize air travel to far destinations, travel long distances in our own vehicles, utilize recreational vehicles, such as boats, ATVs, Snow Machines, Snow Blowers and a host of other products which use combustible engines. If the governor's bills are passed, it is only a matter of time before you will receive carbon regulations and taxation based on your personal consumption of fossil fuels. 

The AIP requests that you contact all legislators and ask them to reject these bills. Again, it is not a matter of financial gain, but a loss of your liberty to thrive in a free market environment without regulation and taxation.


KSRM Radio carried a program recently that explains all this. It is Podcast for one week until Wed, Feb. 15.

  1. Go to

  2. Go to "Podcasts" at the top right hand of the Home Page.

  3. Click on Hour 1 and Hour 2 for The Talk of the Kenai, Tuesday, Feb, 7.

Thank you for your support.  


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