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Resolutions created and adopted at Convention April 2022 

 Resolution: Silver Investment


WHEREAS: The Permanent Fund is currently composed of over $81.9 billion dollars’ worth of financial assets that are entirely dependent on the stability of the USD notes issued by the Federal Reserve and;

WHEREAS: The Federal Reserve has taken a fiscal approach that has put the stability and the integrity of the dollar at risk through (hyper)inflation and;

WHEREAS: The risk of a collapse in the value of the fiat USD is very real, putting the wealth of the Alaskan Permanent Fund into such an irresponsible investment mechanism is too large of a risk to Alaskans - to whom the Permanent Fund rightfully belong and;


BE IT RESOLVED:  That the entirety of the Permanent Fund should be repatriated into the state of Alaska in the form of physical silver bullion, stored within Alaskan vaults. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:  The Permanent Fund management body should use all means necessary to buy as much physical silver bullion as possible, in as fast as time as possible, from which the dividend would be distributed annually in the form of physical silver to each Alaskan resident. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:  If the situation should arise that there should not be sufficient physical silver available on the market, that fund should be used to directly buy from miners up until the point of fully storing the fund as physical silver bullion.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED:  This measure should continue until the macroeconomic outlook of the USD has stabilized.

Resolution: Designated funds


WHEREAS: Our state Constitution prohibits any category of designating funds from one legislative session to another, and;


WHEREAS: Our legislature has conveniently labeled funds “delegated” to circumvent the State Constitution, and;


WHEREAS: ALL funding must go through assigned committees and be resolved in concurrence on the floors of both houses, and;


WHEREAS: Any and ALL funding within the annual budget must meet all legislative requirements.




Any “delegated” funding for any program which is not legislatively appropriated is in violation of our State Constitution and any legislator who engages in supporting this type of funding is in violation of their oath of office.

Resolution: Food Security


WHEREAS: Alaska’s food security and food supply chain is being threatened and;


WHEREAS: The State of Alaska is a net importer of food that imports $2 billion of food annually and produces $40 Million annually and;


WHEREAS: The food supply chain was greatly affected by the Covid Pandemic, and could be disrupted in the future;




BE IT RESOLVED: The Alaskan Independence Party ( AIP ) encourages strengthening of our food independence through local processing, local agriculture, aquaculture, hunting and fishing for Alaskans.

Resolution Alaska Computer Fraud 

WHEREAS: The FBI Internet Crime Report states that $3.5 billion every year is lost during internet crimes, and WHEREAS: The FBI’s Crime Complaint Center (IC3) receives an average of 1,300 reports a day from individuals and businesses that have fallen victim to “cybercrime,” and;

WHEREAS: Due to the current global forced dependency upon the internet to maintain financial and personal information in digital form with the current laxed state of security that leaves Alaskans vulnerable to a breach of their private digital information with very little recourse to pursue legal action, and;

WHEREAS: The State of Alaska Cyber Infrastructure failed to maintain security operations resulting in the personal loss of 113,000 Alaskan Citizens private information during the 2020 presidential political election, and;

WHEREAS: Cyber hacker terrorist groups, such as DDOS (Distributed Denial of Secrets) and others, have breached electronic membership sites and money fund raising websites with intent to defraud financial institutions and offer private citizen information of the victims to journalists to be used at an undetermined future time when the occasion arises, and;

WHEREAS: Instate journalists, media outlets, and publications have acquired stolen private and/or financial information during database hacking events with intent to harm, steal, slander, extort and/or use blackmail against the hacking victim by publishing their stolen information strategically, and;

WHEREAS: The Constitution of the State of Alaska Article 1, § 22. “Right of Privacy,” The right of the people to privacy is recognized and shall not be infringed. The legislature shall implement this section, and WHEREAS: That federal sentencing guidelines recommend a prison sentence of up to 20 years for those convicted of cybercrime offenses.


BE IT RESOLVED: That for the protection of the Alaskan Citizens, The Alaskan Independence Party adamantly encourages the Alaska legislature to revise and update the ALASKA CONSUMER LAWS to specifically address cybercrime events involving Alaskan Citizens to be outlined for civil and/or criminal penalties for these transgressions.

Resolution: State Sovereign Rights


WHEREAS: The withdrawal of state land for federal ownership at statehood is a direct violation of the enumerated powers provision of the US Constitution, and;


WHEREAS: Alaska has never been on economic “equal footing” respective to other states based on federal land dominion of Alaska, and;


WHEREAS: The State of Alaska’s sovereign rights have been repeatedly violated by the federal government.




BE IT RESOLVED: The State of Alaska. Through our administration and legislature must demand our sovereign rights to all land with exception of specific land defined in the enumerated powers, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Alaska must act in concurrence with other western states to demand state land repatriation, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: A redress of our state sovereign rights grievances to the federal government must be our highest legislative priority.

Resolution: Binding Caucus


WHEREAS: restricting representatives to join a binding caucus is a method to concentrate legislative power to a select few and;


WHEREAS: implementing a “Binding Caucus” forces legislators to vote affirmative on a state budget which comes to the floor of the respective legislative body and;


WHEREAS: the budget process is controlled by Chair and Co-chairs within committees, the outcome does not represent any form of consensus and;


WHEREAS: A “Binding Caucus” undermines constituents in respective districts to have fiscal management which reflects the majority values of a given district.




BE IT RESOLVED: Legislators should be allowed to vote in accordance to the values of their own mind and conscience and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Legislators should not be bound to accept a budget which has financial flaws and does not allow leadership reprimands and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Legislators must be free to vote for a proposed budget on the floor without retribution.

Resolution: PFD


WHEREAS: The Permanent fund dividend program was initiated in 1982 to give

All Alaskans a direct financial benefit to the shared resources of the state, and;


WHEREAS: Payment of the PFD is governed by existing Statute, and;


WHEREAS: The legislature since 2015 has ignored the existing law ( statute ) which governs the current payout, and;


WHEREAS: Payments have been withheld in direct violation of PFD Statutes.





The Traditional payout of the PFD law has never been rescinded, and;



Legally, the State of Alaska owes any withholding from the individual PFD since 2015, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Until the existing stature is modified or changed, Alaskan are eligible for the entire PFD payment under existing law. Any legislator who ignores existing statute is in violation of their oath of office.  

Resolution: Election Integrity


WHEREAS: Rank Choice Voting is a violation of our Constitution because the proposition was not a single item and our State Constitution specifically states the elective choice of Governor/ Lt. Governor selection is clear, and;


WHEREAS: There is substantial evidence concerning the State of Alaska and local elections have been compromised, and;


WHEREAS: The State of Alaska experienced a data compromise of 113,000 voters information and the Lt. Governor of the State chose to not inform the citizenry before election, and;


WHEREAS: State statutes were set to require a witness signature on mail in and absentee ballots, and;


WHERAS: The Alaska Supreme Court ruled against signature requirements for mail in and absentee ballots, and;


WHEREAS: Dominion machines have proprietary software which does not allow the election process to be transparent.




BE IT RESOLVED: The Alaskan Independence Party ( AIP ) does not support the unconstitutional Rank Choice Voting in any form, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: AIP calls for a full forensic audit of the 2020 General Election, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Withholding data breech information from Alaskans prior to the general election was a breech of the oath of office of the Lt. Governor and the Director of the Division of Elections, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Directors of the division of Elections are directed to follow the directive of the legislature and ignore any activist judgement of the Alaska Supreme Court if their ruling does not address specifically the reason their ruling is unconstitutional, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The AIP supports paper ballots, lawfully accepted absentee ballots: and all of the above being hand counted. We are adamantly opposed to both mail -in ballots and the use of Dominion machines.

Resolution: Medical Freedom


WHEREAS: During the recent Covid 19 pandemic it has become obvious that

The international medical industrial complex has become political in nature, and;


WHEREAS: Denying medical options for approved drugs with the FDA is an overt act of medical tyranny, and;


WHEREAS: The sacred relationship of the patient / provider has been violated, and;


WHEREAS: The medical arts has always advanced based on medical flexibility such as “Right to Try” legislation, and;


WHEREAS: Federal mandates are a violation of the individual to refuse an experimental injection.




BE IT RESOLVED: The Alaskan Independence Party ( AIP ) is adamantly opposed to the medical trade being subject to any political influencing dogma, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: All approved drugs must be available to medical practitioners without the blocking techniques employed by ANY corporate entity public or private, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: Preventing approved medication and drugs approved by the FDA is a direct violation of “Right to Try” legislation which the Alaskan Legislature passed into law, and;


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: The AIP adamantly objects to mandating any injection which discriminates against freedom to travel, work, and participating in any lawful commerce is a violation of an individuals natural law rights.   

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